The Road Ahead For Recruiters


Recruiters and talent solution providers are almost always facing a crossroad, largely because the behaviour of employers, the workforce and workplaces change rapidly. Add the influence of macro factors such as the state of the economy, unemployment, labour participation rate, skill shortages and advances in technology, and you have an industry perennially on the cusp of change.

So, what does the road ahead looks like for recruiters and those in the business of providing human capital services?

More specifically, what challenges awaits the recruitment community in 2012? What strategies and business models will work and won’t work? What do HR professionals and employers want from talent solution suppliers? Where will revenue come from? How will public policy affect recruitment business? What must recruiters do to survive and thrive?

These and other burning questions will be tackled at the first RHUB conference. RHUB is a new event with a fresh focus and format; the aim is to help recruiters choose the correct road.

Check out the agenda and some of the speakers. We hope to see you there.

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