Free Webinar: People Sourcing Science

Irina Shamaeva, keynote speaker for #SOSU12, is conducting a free webinar. This is a great opportunity to sample some of Irina’s work and also get a taste of the sourcing issues she will address at the Sourcing Summit on 15-16 August (Sydney) and 21 August (Brisbane).

TIME: 10:00-10:45 AM
DATE: 7 August
STYLE: Webinar.

Recruiters, as well as marketing and sales people have one goal in common: finding “target” professionals. Success of our businesses derives from us calling just the right people at the right time. Those calls are precious, and we do much better if we pre-qualify the professionals we call, get additional data points, and verify their info, including the contact info.

People Sourcing is the cross-disciplinary function about finding target professionals and professional information about them.

This webinar session will give you both an overall view and several hands-on sourcing tricks.

Irina will show four “top secret” People Sourcing tricks, namely, ways to convert lists of email addresses into lists of full professional bios. (If you attend you need to promise us not to tell anyone about these secrets.)

At the end of a 20-min presentation we’ll have a 10-min Q&A/Demo session. Irina will demonstrate another useful technique: finding lists of people, such as directories, membership lists, and attendee lists on the web. You are welcome to bring your questions and sourcing challenges to discuss.

Register now, it’s free.

Irina Shamaeva will be speaking and conducting workshops at the Sourcing Summit in Sydney (15-16 August) and in Brisbane (21 August). If you want to meet Irina in person you can register here.

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