Introducing #ozrec

#OZREC, short for OZ RECRUITMENT, is currently two things:

1) Grouping recruitment related information
#OZREC is an attempt to group together all things recruitment within Australia under one easy to recognise hashtag.

Hashtags, of course, are an easy way to sort and find information across various social channels. Now that all the major social players like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and G+ have embraced hashtags, tagging recruitment related updates will be helpful in a sea of information. So if you are posting any updates across any social channel, make sure you include the #ozrec tag.

2) A regular, maybe weekly, conversation
Every Friday at 10:30 AM we will discuss issues concerning the recruitment community on Twitter, using the hashtag #ozrec. We will tackle a wide range of subjects, mainly pertaining to the Australian recruitment sector. If you have something to share join us on Fridays. Everyone and all views are welcomed.

So, tag away your updates and also raise your voice on Friday.


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