#ozrec 8: Recruiting Recruiters

How do you engage the best recruitment talent?
As recruitment agencies and in-house teams look to grow headcount –  how can you ensure you are identifying the best talent in the market? Even more important – how can you position your unique value proposition so that the best talent sees it?

We have all seen it… A recruiter joins a team with great promise, only for it to fail… spectacularly… quickly. In hindsight we always know why we shouldn’t have hired that person… but we still did.  Why are we so poor at hiring our own talent?

In this week’s #OZREC we will be looking at the challenges recruitment managers face in sourcing and engaging talented recruiters. We will look at where (if anywhere) R2R falls into your strategy, and share your R2R experiences. We will also explore how the R2R industry can offer better value to your business moving forward…

Questions To Tackle Include:

  1. Why are we as an industry so poor at hiring our own talent?
  2. Is the best recruitment talent easy or difficult to source & engage?
  3. What value does R2R offer to your business?
  4. Develop your own talent… or buy in experience?

Our host for this week is Craig Watson, Director Watson Collard

wattoSpending the last 20 years blending his Recruitment, HR and Training skills locally and globally, has afforded Craig the unique opportunity to gain ‘first hand’ experience of recruitment trends and processes across the world.

Craig secured his first commercial recruitment role whilst working in the UK and worked his way up to management within a year. After 5 years of learning the trade, Craig returned to Australia and worked in management roles with some of the largest Recruitment Consultancies across a variety of industries and roles including; Executive, IT, Accounting and Finance, Office Support, Call Centre and HR.

In 2001 Craig completed his Masters of Professional Education & Training (Human Resource  Management). Using this qualification he began a new career path – combining his recruitment experience with the equally rewarding HR field of career management, training and consulting to industry. In 2009 Craig launched is own Rec-to-Rec consultancy – HeadStart – based in Melbourne. He became Director of Scott Recruitment (Australia’s oldest and largest R2R in May 2010. In April this year he launched Watson Collard with Luke Collard. As well as leading change in the  R2R space, they publish a weekly blog – The Written Reference – on topical Recruitment issues and challenges with over 2,500 weekly views.

Craig also trains & consults to the Recruitment Industry and Corporate HR teams on; social media recruiting, business modelling, engagement, retention, change management, remuneration and incentive structure.

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