#Ozrec 9: Pursuing passive talent

Passive Talent. The purple squirrel. Hard to find, to track to engage and to manage. Or is it?

Passive talent represents 80% of the working professionals around the world.

In the fast paced recruitment world of today when time is limited and precious, many recruiters and sourcers struggle to maximise the return of this pool of talent. Many take a blanket approach that can be time consuming, but also detrimental for the employer brand. Most recruitment functions -in-house or agencies- are utilising technology and social tools to help them in their talent acquisition efforts, but many are not getting the desired traction or feel hostage of that technology.

This week our host is Nina Santana Sweeney will lead discussion on how to maximise the ROI of the passive talent available. We will discuss the issues related to pipeline and data obsolescence and who really owns your pipelines? How are you engaging with passive talent and how are you leveraging from your broader networks to make finding the elusive squirrel all the more easy.

Q1.Pipelines v Communities. How do you keep your passive data current?
Q2. A people know A people. Do you maximise your internal networks to source passive talent?
Q3. How do you engage your target talent for future roles? Do you leave it all to cycle calls?
Q4. Have you hired from the crowd? How do you manage the process? #crowdsourcing
Nina Santana Sweeney
Nina is a social enterprise instigator, talent passionate, innovator and mighty toddler’s mum! Her motto: “I have no particular talent, I’m merely inquisitive”, is the driving force that constantly takes her to explore new paradigms. As Managing Director of IndigoThinking, a boutique consulting firm focusing on success through social talent management, collaboration and innovation, Nina harnesses the power of social media and social enterprise networks to develop customised solutions for organisations committed to engage on meaningful relationships with their different stakeholder groups.

Prior to managing IndigoThinking  Nina lead the Sourcing transformation of Deloitte Australia and held various strategic sourcing roles across the higher education, resources and banking industries. With more than 14 years of experience working in global organisations in different roles across human resources, leadership development, marketing and sales, Nina brings to the table a holistic understanding of organisational needs and challenges that contribute to develop agile solutions in today’s ever-changing environment.

Join the conversation Friday at 10.30am via Twitter, #ozrec.

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