#OZREC 11: Fixing PSL

Love them or hate them, PSLs (Preferred Supplier List) or PSA (Preferred Supplier Agreements) are an integral part of the recruitment process for many organisations and agencies alike.

Used primarily by corporations to shortlist and work with a preferred list of suppliers, the intended outcomes – efficiency, less admin, cost savings and improved staffing KPIs – are rarely achieved. Leakages exist, quality suppliers are excluded and the process itself can be frustrating and a drawn out affair.

Anyone who has anything to do with PSL knows the system is broken. What can be fixed?

Q. Do we really need PSL? Have they outlived their usefulness?
Q. What purpose does PSL serve when there are so many leakages?
Q. What is currently broken with PSLs and the tender process?
Q. If PSL are to be retained, any suggestions on how to improve the process.

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