#OZREC 12: Assessing Applicant Tracking Systems

ATS (applicant tracking software) are ubiquitous. If you are a recruiter, chances are an ATS is part of your daily life. Arguably, no recruiter can do without an ATS.

But what real value are recruiters getting from their investment? What is the real purpose of investing in an ATS? Do recruiters even need an ATS in an increasingly connected world? Will new technology make ATS obsolete? Are they more trouble than they are worth?

ATS are not easy to manage and they can be an expensive investment. It does not help that technology changes quickly. The market itself is cluttered with vendors; the onset of cloud technology adds to the confusion. And then, there is the constant requirement to refresh the database and learn new methods.

So, given its ubiquity and central role in a recruiter’s life what value are recruiters getting from their investment? Where to from here?

Q1. What is the real ROI of investing in ATS?
Q2. What problems does an ATS solve for you?
Q3. Does an ATS help you recruit better? Does having a large database = competitive advantage?
Q4. How can recruiters get the best out of ATS?
Q5. Bonus – Any exciting new game changing technology you are using? Name vendors.

Cloud Computing

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