#OZREC 14: Reviewing Recruitment Fees

Agency fees normally astound people. I mean “all Recruiters do is just run ads and shuffle resumes around right?” On the flip side of the coin, it’s increasingly challenging for agencies to explain why they charge a certain amount. There is a wide disconnect between buyers and sellers of recruitment services.

This week we will have a look at the fees charged by agencies and the rationale for charging a certain amount. How much is enough? What do buyers get for their money? Where are fees heading?

Q. Where does Australia/NZ stands with recruitment fees?
Q. How much is too much or how less is too less when it comes to recruitment fees?
Q. How do you justify your fee?
Q. How do you justify paying the fee to your bosses?
Q. Has the advent and growth of LinkedIn (if you believe what you read) has this put more downward pressure on your fees (or fee expectations)

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