#ozrec 15: Positioning Job Postings

Job boards are not going anywhere. In case you are not paying attention, SEEK is a $5.3 billion behemoth. Many of the niche boards are also thriving and so are the aggregators. Add to this mix the plethora of social channels where job vacancies can be posted – LI, TWitter, Facebook etc. The internet is awash with job listings.

But how effective are job postings? Which channel offers the best ROI? Should recruiters pull back on distributing jobs, or try and distribute jobs wherever there is traffic? Some argue that job listings should not be posted at all. What works for you? Join us and share your experience.

Q. Where are your open jobs currently promoted/distributed?
Q. What channels offer maximum ROI for job listings?
Q. Should you increase or decrease job postings?
Q. Has candidates experience increased or decreased?

image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jevnin/60967732/sizes/l/

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