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First Sourcing Summit in Asia

We are delighted to announce that the Sourcing Summit event is coming to Asia for the first time. It will be held in Singapore on 27 May. The first Sourcing Summit started in Australia in 2011 and has since been held in eight different cities across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The event brings together […]

#ozrec16: Facing Facebook

Facebook is a behemoth. The site generates an astounding 864 million daily active users. How can recruiters harness the largest social networking site in the world? Is the new Graph Search function a game changer for sourcers? This week we will explore the adoption of FB in Australia for recruitment purpose. Our host is Lauren […]

#ozrec 15: Positioning Job Postings

Job boards are not going anywhere. In case you are not paying attention, SEEK is a $5.3 billion behemoth. Many of the niche boards are also thriving and so are the aggregators. Add to this mix the plethora of social channels where job vacancies can be posted – LI, TWitter, Facebook etc. The internet is […]

#OZREC 14: Reviewing Recruitment Fees

Agency fees normally astound people. I mean “all Recruiters do is just run ads and shuffle resumes around right?” On the flip side of the coin, it’s increasingly challenging for agencies to explain why they charge a certain amount. There is a wide disconnect between buyers and sellers of recruitment services. This week we will […]

#OZREC 13: Lessons From The Myer Reference Check Debacle

In the news last Monday was the embarrassing report of Myer having to explain an executive hire who had, allegedly, faked a solid part of their resume. When it was discovered that the candidate had not worked for a company they professed to have been employed by, Myer acted quickly to terminate employment. This event […]

#OZREC 12: Assessing Applicant Tracking Systems

ATS (applicant tracking software) are ubiquitous. If you are a recruiter, chances are an ATS is part of your daily life. Arguably, no recruiter can do without an ATS. But what real value are recruiters getting from their investment? What is the real purpose of investing in an ATS? Do recruiters even need an ATS […]

#OZREC 11: Fixing PSL

Love them or hate them, PSLs (Preferred Supplier List) or PSA (Preferred Supplier Agreements) are an integral part of the recruitment process for many organisations and agencies alike. Used primarily by corporations to shortlist and work with a preferred list of suppliers, the intended outcomes – efficiency, less admin, cost savings and improved staffing KPIs […]

#ozrec 10: Social Recruitment Lies & Truths

“Social Media Recruitment Lies. Stop talking rubbish and tell me what really works” We’ve heard a lot over the last few years about social media being the most amazing thing since sliced bread when it comes to recruitment.  Is this true?  Have you really found it to be an effective way to attract/engage/locate talent, and have you got […]

#Ozrec 9: Pursuing passive talent

Passive Talent. The purple squirrel. Hard to find, to track to engage and to manage. Or is it? Passive talent represents 80% of the working professionals around the world. In the fast paced recruitment world of today when time is limited and precious, many recruiters and sourcers struggle to maximise the return of this pool […]

#ozrec 8: Recruiting Recruiters

How do you engage the best recruitment talent? As recruitment agencies and in-house teams look to grow headcount –  how can you ensure you are identifying the best talent in the market? Even more important – how can you position your unique value proposition so that the best talent sees it? We have all seen […]