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#OZREC 7: Background checks in a connected world

Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) may be as applicable for recruitment today as it is for the more often referenced discipline of Real Estate. As sourcing candidates becomes a more even playing field for all, one of the very real challenges becomes the ability to legitimately validate the skills and experiences of those candidates. […]

#OZREC 6: Tackling unconscious bias in the recruitment process

Tackling unconscious bias in the recruitment process: “Bosses tend to recruit in their own image”, could unconscious bias be only the tip of the iceberg? The recent decision (May 2014) by the Bank of Queensland to remove all identifying factors – name, age, gender, address – from its job application process, suggests companies do still see established patterns […]

#ozrec 5: Humanising Recruitment

With the widespread uptake of Applicant Tracking Systems, automated response emails and keyword matching, the recruitment industry is at risk of alienating the one element it relies on fully to fill roles – candidates. Are we losing the human touch? Lack of communication, processes that push away the human contact and laziness are seeping it. […]

Contractor Management

We tackled the issue of candidate care in the past. This week we will turn our gaze on a specific subgroup of the labour force – independent contractors. It is estimated that close to 1.9 million independent contractors exist in Australia, accounting for a large 28 per cent of the private-sector workforce. Clearly, as a […]

What HR want from Recruiters

Last week we tackled the issue of how HR and Recruiters can work better from the perspective of a recruiter. This week we will again discuss the nexus between HR and recruitment from the perspective of an HR professional. What’s HR view on recruiters? Is the HR department misunderstood by recruiters? What can recruiters do […]

HR vs. Recruiters

This week we will tackle, what we believe will be the first in a series, the relationship between recruiters and HR. Why is there an ongoing friction between HR and Recruiters? How can HR and recruiters have a more fruitful relationship? What does the future holds….? Liz Wernham, Talent Acquisition Consultant, SAP Australia will lead […]

Managing Recruitment Stakeholders

The often forgotten part of Recruitment, both in-house and agency is stakeholder management. Too often the Recruiter is thrown into the role of order taker, “Just find me one of these please” (please optional).  To be an effective Recruiter, you need to add value to the process, not just in delivering a candidate, but by […]

Tech start-up triples headcount using social media referrals

Source: Shortlist.net Social media has played a critical role in helping tech start-up Vend triple its headcount over the last year, and head of talent Kirsti Grant advises recruiters that when it comes to social media there’s “no one tool to rule them all”. Vend made approximately 60% of its hires last year through social […]

Redefining Candidate Care

For our very first #ozrec chat we will look at the issue of candidate care. Looking after the welfare of candidate is a no-brainer but it is seldom straightforward or easy.  For a start, the very definition and meaning of candidate care varies across different organisations and industry. So, what really is candidate care? Join […]