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A range of recent news touching on the subject of ‘talent’ shortage. 28 weeks parental leave sought, as a way to address skills shortage , by the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia (APESMA). Acerbated by the twin problem of high staff turnover (29% in Victoria)  and limited supply of new graduates (2641 […]

Untapped Human Capital in Australia

It is heartening to read an employment success story, especially when it concerns the indigenous community. As the country battles chronic skills shortage, employers and the government resorted to the age old practice of looking overseas. Yet, a large undeveloped and untapped human capital resides in our own backyard. It is good to see a […]

Is the Monster Back?

Five years since it left the shores of Australia it looks like the world’s largest job board is coming back . Which is a surprise, given the US office isn’t doing too well. The travails befalling the US headquarters recently is well documented. Job posting has fallen by 18% in May. So, is Monster trying […]