Josh is a recognised leader in the New Zealand recruitment landscape. From career origins as an Accountant, Josh found the recruitment industry whilst on his OE in the UK in the mid 1990′s. Returning to NZ in 1999, Josh grew a privately held NZ ICT recruitment firm to recognition and sale to a global in 2001. Taking responsibility for client directorship in this brand for two years Josh saw an opportunity in 2004 to begin his entrepreneurial pursuits and established Potentia. This has grown to become NZ’s recognised leading ICT recruitment brand. This was followed by sales and leadership brand The Foundation in 2010 and in September 2012 Aspire Executive Search.

With 16 years of recruitment delivery behind him across both the northern hemisphere and Oceania he is intimately connected with the needs and challenges faced by recruitment leaders and consultants. Within his portfolio of brands he plays a strategic and leadership role along with delivery to executive leadership level appointments. Josh is an active investor in other businesses and has three current technology holdings along with a recent and very successful exit via trade sale.

Josh is passionate about building great businesses, both his own and those of the organisations delivered too. As a sharp critical and solutions thinker, Josh can introduce ideas and concepts that may have been previously unconsidered. He’s a born and largely bred Aucklander yet loves to travel, socialise and participate in ‘adventure sports’ – mountain-biking, snowboarding and motorsports being his main staples.