Call centre recruitment – Q&A with Linda Simonsen (FuturePeople)

How would you address a staff turnover rate of 49% or higher?

Staff turnover is the main challenge facing most employers and HR practitioners in the Australian call centre industry. According to the 2008 Australian Contact Centre Industry Benchmarking Study, staff turnover in the call centre industry rose from 35% in 2007 to 49% in 2008 (even higher in sectors like transport and freight). Heavily populated by Generation Y, who doesn’t see their jobs as a full-time career, the industry is plagued by rampant attrition; costing employers an average of AU$21,667 to replace a staff.  Alarmingly, close to 75% of staff who left their jobs also quit the industry for good. No wonder, this is an industry grappling with enormous human capital management challenges.

To understand a bit more about talent acquisition issues in the Call Centre industry we caught up with Linda Simonsen, Founder/MD of FuturePeople, a specialist call centre recruitment firm. Close on the heels of being nominated for the Telstra Business Award, Linda discussed the staffing challenges faced by the call centre industry, Generation Y, the issue of offshoring jobs and the importance of EVP (Employee value proposition).

Interview transcripts (pdf)

Linda can be reached on 02 9252 0633  or

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